About Me

I'm Safder Areepattamannil. I live in Toronto, Canada and grew up in the small town of Kingston, Ontario. I have been a Software Engineer for a year but have been coding for around 7 years in total. I currently work in the consulting industry developing enterprise applications for large financial clients. I got started in programming when I was 18 years old developing numerical computing programs for my Physics classes, this was all in Python. I am comfortable in a few languages now including Javascript, C++, Java and C#.

me in novascotia

This blog will about technology, code, culture and future trends. I am mostly interested in distributed systems, software architecture and how all the pieces fit into the big picture. You'll find me most weekends throwing together code and prototyping small ideas from data pipelines for my home server to web applications. I am fascinated by the range of topics in software engineering and always end up finding myself stuck on what to learn next.

  • In 2019, graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Mathematics and Physics.
  • In 2020, started working at Slalom Consulting. Started developing Trailless, an ephemeral filesharing application (to be released soon) with my close friend Bence Linder.
  • In 2021, started this blog as a way to record my thoughts and document my ideas. I also would like to improve my technical writing skills, so this seemed like a third bird, one stone type of approach.

Current Projects

  • Trailless - Ephemeral storage
  • Stord -A self hosted media management software for your home cloud

How can I contact you?